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Camden, NJ is the fourth largest city in America and the most populated Camden County. Camden was founded by a Welshman named John Camden who settled along the Delaware River in 1681. Learn information about Cherry Hill, NJ.

Camden’s population grew quickly because of its proximity to Philadelphia, but it also became a hotbed for crime and poverty. Camden’s homicide rate is 8 times higher than the national average with one person murdered every day on average. The crime rates have made Camden an unsafe place to live and have caused many people to move away from Camden over time as they search for safer communities where they can raise their families. Discover facts about Atco, New Jersey: A Community on the Rise.

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Camden is one of America’s most historic cities. In fact, Camden was once the fourth largest city in the country with a population of over 120,000 people. Camden has undergone significant changes in recent years and now only has about 80,000 residents. There are many things that you should know before visiting Camden for yourself!

Camden is a city in Camden County and the Camden metropolitan area. It’s located on the Delaware River with excellent access to major highways like I-95 and Route 73. Camden is home to many attractions including its historic waterfront district along Cooper Point, where you’ll find outdoor dining and shopping destinations like The Waterfront South Café & Market Place. You can also explore Camden County College for more than 50 associate degree programs at either their campus or online through distance education options.

Camden is the fourth largest city in America, and it’s also one of the poorest. Camden gained international attention when violence from gang-related crime surged to a level where there was an average of three murders per day. Now that things have calmed down some in Camden, you can still feel safe enough around here if you know how not to get involved with gangs or drugs.

The odds are stacked against Camden residents because many people who move into Camden come from poverty-stricken areas and don’t make much money for their families as they struggle just to keep them fed and housed adequately. It has become difficult for children growing up in Camden neighborhoods without fathers due to mass incarceration rates which disproportionately affect black communities like Camden’. The only place left to turn in Camden is to the church. Camden churches have been working hard on social justice issues, such as helping reduce poverty by providing free meals and programs for children that help them learn how to make better life choices.

Camden has a long way to go before it can be considered an “oasis” of safety and opportunity like Philadelphia just across the river or Camden’s neighbor Cherry Hill with its suburban streets lined with cherry trees which bloom every springtime.