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Mostly, festivals are held annually in various places for people to have fun. Cherry Hill, NJ, hosts several festivals every year where you can have a great time with your family. Here are some fantastic festivals in Cherry Hill, NJ. More can be found here.

Cherry Hill Harvest Festival

This festival in Cherry Hill, NJ, is excellent for both adults and kids. You can buy pumpkin crafts and different arts for your kids. There’s also the sale of various foods that you can enjoy with your family. It also includes other activities such as police fire displays and lots of local businesses. Thus, you can never run short of things to do at this festival. Its best part is the dance floor where people show their dancing skills. Visit more about Historical Points of Interest in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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Chinese Lantern Festival

At this festival, you can do lots of things such as playing the Philadelphia-themed mini-golf, shopping from the festival gift shop, eating and drinking from various options. You can also enjoy watching displays such as the dragon. If you have kids, they can enjoy great entertainment from the foot juggler, a dancer, or a contortionist. Generally, there’s so much going on at this festival. However, don’t forget to take pictures for fun memories in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The above festivals are some of the best ways to spend time with your family.