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In Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, there is a place for children to play and have fun. This is Jake’s Place Playground in Cherry Hill, NJ. Jake’s Place Playground has been providing a safe haven for kids since 1972 with its long list of services including birthday parties, drop-in child care during school vacations and breaks, summer day camps and year-round programming. It also provides after-school programs such as homework help or social skills clubs for ages 4-12 years old. So if you are looking for a spot where your children can play safely while having fun then look no further than Jake’s Place Playground in Cherry Hill! Cherry Hill, NJ can be seen here.

It is a safe and fun site for children. The playground has many different stations that allow kids to have an awesome time while staying active. This includes slides, swings, monkey bars, and more! Jake’s Place also has picnic tables so parents can sit down with their children during the day. When it comes to safety at Jake’s place playground in Cherry Hill New Jersey there are two important features worth mentioning:  a child watch area and a baby gate system. The child watch area is an enclosed play space where kids can be watched by someone else while their parents get a much-needed break to sit down, relax, eat or read the newspaper! This makes Jake’s Place really stand out in comparison with other playgrounds because most don’t offer this option at all. Click here to read about Cooper River Park: A Unique Place in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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Jake’s Place Playground offers many different services such as parties or summer camps which allow parents peace of mind knowing that their child is having fun at Jake’s Place while also gaining some social skills during those times when they’re not around. The playground has two main gates: one specifically made for children under 42 inches tall and another gate makes sure no one falls off ledges or slides. Jake’s Place really sets itself apart from other places because it allows older children to be watched by someone else so their parents get a much-needed break.