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Auto accidents are inevitable, especially in Atlantic City, also known as the “resort city.” The numerous casinos and beaches in the area attract crowds from afar so the traffic conditions are never ideal. Factors like high population and the culture of partying also contributes to the increased chances of auto accidents.

These auto accidents can damage property as well as cause severe injuries. This can have a lasting impact on your health and financial situation. Be it a hit and run or a rear-end collision, you need an Atlantic City car accident lawyer to receive compensation for any damages that may occur. Keith Zaid Law can help you get compensation for medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering too. If you were involved in an auto accident in Atlantic City, NJ, get in touch with our lawyers immediately.

Why do you need an Atlantic City car accident lawyer?

Any damage that happens because of the accident can help you get adequate compensation. The greater the damage, the more compensation you will be liable for. Only with the help of the right representative will you be able to overcome the costs incurred because of the accident and get the compensation you deserve.

However, after a car accident, you need to make a quick decision because there is a limited time period during which you can file a lawsuit after the accident. So, make sure you get in touch with Keith Zaid Law as soon as the accident happens. Immediate and timely action can help you get the compensation that you are eligible for as our team will go the extra mile to get you justice!

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Common injuries resulting from car accidents

If a driver has neglected the traffic rules and their actions have led to injury or property loss, you can file a lawsuit against them. Even if you are the one at fault, the right attorney can help you deal with the ensuing procedures and get a great deal.

Some common injuries that occur because of car accidents are.

Burns: Fire and explosions usually follow an auto accident, which can cause life-changing burns. If your burn injuries have a debilitating effect on your life, your attorney can get you substantial coverage.

Whiplash: The pain from whiplash can range from mild to extreme and in many cases can alter the life of the sufferer. If a whiplash from the accident ends up costing you your quality of life, your attorney can help you get the required bills and even a large payout for the rest of your life.

Similarly, fractures, lacerations, facial injuries, and internal injuries can also be devastating. If any of these injuries end up affecting your income or overall health, you can be liable to a large payout. But remember that only an experienced Atlantic City car accident lawyer, with years of training, can help you get monetary compensation for all your pain and suffering.

Broken Bones: Fractures are common injuries in a car accident. People who have been ejected from the vehicle, involved in a collision, or slammed against a hard object often break their bones, which limit your mobility and affect your work and life. Common cases of broken bones include the spinal vertebrae, clavicle, pelvic bone, fibula and femur, and sternum.

Brain Injuries: Brain injuries, like concussions, diffuse axonal injury, contusion, and coup-contrecoup, are extremely dangerous and life-altering for the survivor. Take note that dead brain cells cannot regenerate, so there’s a high possibility that the person will carry lifelong effects of the injuries. 

Paralysis: When a nerve in the spinal cord has been damaged severely, the person could lose the sensation and function of a muscle or group of muscles. This is a life-altering condition that, if not given proper medical attention, can worsen and cause more serious problems down the road. On top of that, the chances of paralyzed muscles recovering and functioning once more are small.

Wrongful Death: Perhaps the most devastating effect of a car accident is the loss of life. Car accidents cause fatal injuries, like head and brain injuries and internal bleeding.

How can Keith Zaid Law help me after a car accident?

In Atlantic City, there are numerous car and truck accidents every day. If you or somebody you love is injured in a car accident, life can all of a sudden become far more difficult. If you are seriously injured, you might need costly treatment. If you are unable to work because of your injuries, you and your household might not have the ability to pay for required medical expenses in addition to your regular bills.

At Keith Zaid Law, we have effectively represented hundreds of car accident victims since 1981. Our Atlantic City car accident lawyers have won over $50 million in settlements and verdicts. We strive to determine the cause of any car accident. When we have found all the responsible parties, we aggressively pursue favorable results for our clients.

Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

If nobody was hurt in your accident and you simply have to repair minor property damage, then you more than likely can deal directly with your insurance coverage provider.

However, car accidents often lead to serious injuries. If you are stressed out over how you will pay for the many medical costs that keep accummulating, and you’re feeling stressed out about the time missed from work while you recover, then you need the support of a competent and aggressive car accident lawyer in Atlantic City.

How We’ll Get Your Compensation

At Keith Zaid Law, we have the experience and resources to help you get the settlement you deserve. You need to concentrate on healing and recovery, so let us do the other work, including:

  • Finding all the insurance coverage and identifying all offenders
  • Negotiating with the insurance provider so you do not have to
  • Gathering documents such as police reports, medical records, and lost wage information
  • Staying apprised of your healthcare and filing all your damages
  • Examining and building your case to show why the accused was at fault
  • Advising you and providing recommendations so you can make educated decisions about your case

Be it scarring, permanent injury, or loss of a limb, you can receive compensation for it all. Since New Jersey is a no-fault state, the company reviews, and files every claim that insured people make, even if you are at fault or not. Only an expert Atlantic City car accident lawyer, who knows the ins-and-outs of the legal system, can help you recover these expenses. They can even help you file for loss of income or life experiences to claim monetary compensation.

Our Process

We understand you’re going through a difficult time, so we made a simple process.

  1. Contact Us

    Call us to get a free consultation or second opinion. We have several offices throughout NJ, but we can also accommodate off-site appointments.

  2. Discuss Your Case

    During the consultation, we’ll go over your case to determine the maximum compensation you can claim. Details about the accident, injuries, medical bills are crucial.

  3. Get Your Compensation

    From there, we’ll handle the rest. We’ll use our resources to get you the compensation you deserve.

How Can Keith Zaid Law Help Me?

We Have the Experience. Our attorneys have more than 37 years of combined experience in auto accident cases in Atlantic City. We’ve worked with clients who sustained injuries from various types of vehicles or business premises.

We Have the Track Record. Our attorneys have recovered over $50 million in settlements and verdicts in Atlantic City.

We Support Our Clients. We want you to focus on your recovery, so we will do everything that needs to be done. We have a supportive team ready to pay attention to the nuances of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re involved in a car accident, every step can affect the chances of success for your claim.

What should you do after a car accident?

The actions you take right after the accident are vital for a successful claim later on. So, if you plan to file a suit for any damage that occurs because of the accident, you must be ready in advance. These steps can make your case stronger and help you get the payment that is needed for your personal and medical bills.

  1. Right after the accident, park your car so that it is out of the traffic’s way.

  2. Make sure everyone is safe and does not have any injuries. If someone is injured, get an ambulance on the scene immediately.

  3. Do not let the other driver leave and take pictures of the damage with your phone.

  4. Note down the description of the vehicle. Get the insurance information from the other driver and give them yours too.

  5. Once you are safe and sound, contact your insurance company and inform them about the accident.

  6. If you incur any medical expenses because of the injuries caused during the accident, make sure you keep all the bills and receipts safe.

  7. Hire an Atlantic City car accident lawyer and follow their advice thereon. With the right representation, you will be able to recover your medical bills and much more.

If you follow these steps after the accident, you can receive monetary compensation that you deserve. Once again, remember that there is a specific duration for filing a lawsuit so you will need to contact an attorney soon after the accident.

Should I deal directly with the insurance company?

Your insurance company may promise to compensate for the damage and bills but dealing with them can be a tricky business. So, it is best to always contact your lawyer first and follow their advice in dealing with the insurance company. The company is liable to pay for the damages caused, but if you admit that it is your fault, you may have to pay for everything from your pocket. Remember never to admit fault, even if you think your actions caused the accident. Let your attorney act on your behalf so you can get the monetary benefits you are eligible for.

How Much Can I Get?

It depends on a lot of factors, including the extent of your injuries, the circumstances of the accidents, the amount of medical bills, etc. We will file for the maximum claim applicable for your case—it’s what you deserve.

Do We Have to Go to Court?

We usually negotiate a fair settlement after we file a claim. We exhaust this option first before going to court, so we can resolve it immediately and keep costs to a minimum.

In our experience, insurance companies rarely deny our claim. But if they do, then we won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit.

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