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Atlantic City Casino Negligence Lawyer

Atlantic City is all about having a good time, and what better way to spend your time in the city than to go to a casino? You may have dreams of winning big and transforming your life for the better, but things don’t always turn out the way you want. If you ever get injured because of the management’s negligence and carelessness, you can file a suit against them. And to help you navigate the legal proceedings, you need an experienced Atlantic City casino negligence lawyer on your side.

What Does a Casino Negligence Case Cover?

If you get injured because of the casino’s negligence, the Nevada law states that they must pay some compensation to you. They are liable to pay for your medical bills incurred because of the injuries,pain and suffering you went through, the lost wages and even the lost earning capacity. God forbid, if the negligence of the casino causes the death of a family member, you can ask for compensation for medical bills and even the funeral expenses.

The casino will also have to pay punitive damages if you get injured because of their actions. So, if you have a similar case or believe that your injuries at the casino were intentional, get in touch with us today!

Common Casino Negligence Injuries

You must have planned a night of fun and gambling but the negligence of the casino ruined your plans. And instead of making some money, you ended up spending a lot more on your medical bills. You can get numerous injuries at a casino but the most common types are;

Slips and Falls: It is the management’s job to make sure there are no safety hazards on the premises. This includes ensuring the upkeep of the casino furniture. Falling off a chair may not sound dangerous, but in many cases, people can sustain grievous injuries. Similarly, slipping on wet floors is another common injury. If the management doesn’t clean up the spills on the floor quickly and you slip on them, the casino will be liable to pay damages.

Food Poisoning: The buffets at the casinos may look appetizing, but sometimes, looks can deceiving. Buffets can be breeding places for germs, which results in food poisoning. Since the food is on display for too long, the hot temperature can make the food go bad. Many people suffer from food poisoning because of stale casino food, which puts them right in the path of law. With the help of an experienced casino negligence lawyer, you can make the casino pay for your hospital bills and even provide compensation for your pain and suffering.

Is a Casino Liable for the Actions of its Employees?

If an employee of the casino hurts you, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for it. However, your case must fulfill certain conditions first.

The first condition that makes your case against the casino strong is if the employee that hurt you was on the clock at the time of the accident. If they were performing their duty when the accident happened, the casino will be liable to pay you.

Another scenario that works in your favor is if the employee was negligent. To put it simply they did not carry out their job properly, which directly resulted in causing your injury. In this case, too, the casino will be responsible to reimburse your medical bills.

Why is the Casino Liable?

Even if an employee hurts you or causes the accident, you can claim the damages from the casino. It was their negligence that the employee didn’t do their job efficiently and ended up causing the accident. The casino also has to pay the claims if the management knew about the employee’s behavior and still failed to do anything about it. Another situation that makes the casino liable for your medical expenses is if they failed to conduct a proper background check on the employee. If the employee had other such incidents in their past career and the management still hired them, an expert Atlantic City casino negligence lawyer can help you file a case on the casino.

How Can a Casino Negligence Lawyer Help?

Some people like to take on their case on their own, but it is impossible since the management hires a strong team of lawyers to prevent such a situation. That’s why you need expert help that can help you stand against the giants. Some negligence cases are hard to prove as it takes a detailed account of the accident to understand who is really at fault. With a casino negligence lawyer to back you up, it’s easy to prove that the casino management is at fault and get the compensation you are eligible for.

When you come to us with a casino negligence case, we get a detailed account of the accident from you and then immediately get to work on obtaining proof. If there is a surveillance tape of the accident, we can help recover it for you. The visual proof can be the evidence that can help you win the case. And since most casinos have surveillance cameras all over the premises, it is likely that your accident is also captured on the tapes. We understand that only quick action can help us win cases for our clients so we do just that.

In some cases, casinos intentionally destroy the evidence to escape prosecution. We have seen many such cases and thankfully, there are laws to prevent this. However, if the casino manages to destroy the evidence, we can help you prosecute them successfully.

So, if you ever get hurt at a casino because of the management’s negligence, get in touch with Keith Zaid Law and get expert legal guidance. You can reach us at 609-415-0604 to discuss your case. We also offer a no-cost confidential consultation if you are looking to hire an Atlantic City casino negligence lawyer to discuss your options.

Atlantic City is a resort city on New Jersey’s Atlantic coast that’s known for its many casinos, wide beaches and iconic Boardwalk. Established in the 1800s as a health resort, today the city is dotted with glitzy high-rise hotels and nightclubs. In addition to gambling at slot machines and table games, the casinos offer spa treatments, performances by famous comedy and music acts, and high-end shopping.