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You love your job, but a severe workplace injury means you must give up on it. And let’s not forget the financial issues you might face because you can’t work anymore. A workplace incident can change your whole life but fortunately, workers’ compensation can help you out and make sure you and your family do not face financial instability during this time. With the help of an Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer, you can get the monetary settlement you need.

If you have sustained an injury because you are performing your job in Atlantic City, don’t hesitate to contact our workers’ compensation attorney today.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Simply put, it is an insurance program for workers. If you are injured on the job or suffer from a job-related incident, you will be eligible for workers’ compensation. If you live in the state of New Jersey, you must know that New Jersey has a ‘no-fault’ policy when it comes to workers’ compensation. This means even if the accident was your fault, you are eligible for the compensation. So, you can easily file a claim for lost wages, medical bills, and permanent disability. The family of a worker who died at the job can also file for workers’ compensation.

Of course, there are special guidelines for filing a claim and only an Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer, who has been in this field for years, will know how to handle your case. Since each case is different and has variable factors, only a professional will know how to proceed with it.

Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Many workers do not know their rights and end up suffering financial instability in case of an accident. If you are eligible for monetary recovery, then you should get what is within your rights. Some employers make it hard for the workers to file a claim or downright refuse. In such cases, contacting an Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer is your best bet. With professionals on the job, you can file your claims and get the compensation you deserve.

To know for sure if you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you need to fall in one of the categories mentioned below.

  • You got injuries while on the job.
  • You contracted a work-related illness.
  • You got a medical condition because of your job.

If any of these situations ring true, you may have a successful claim at your hands. However, you will need a trained and experienced Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer on the job.

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Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Under New Jersey law, every worker who performs services for a salary can file for a claim. This includes domestic and farm workers. The coverage is regardless of the size of the company’s workforce.

Workers’ compensation covers various injuries, including:

  • Slipping or Tripping – If you tripped over an item which should have been picked up, or if you slip because of a mess that should have been cleaned, our lawyer can help you get compensation for the injuries you sustained.
  • Falls – This is common among people who work at heights, like those who fix roofs or spend a majority of their time on scaffolding. If the equipment is faulty and resulted in a fall, the worker can file a claim.
  • Electrocution or Burns – This is common among people who work around high-voltage lines or equipment; they face a high risk of sustaining burns or being electrocuted.
  • Overexertion – Injuries from job roles demanding overexertion, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying heavy weights or throwing items, are eligible for compensation.
  • Injuries from Repetitive Motion – Repetitive motion can cause injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. It includes people who type for long hours or tools like jackhammers.
  • Injuries from Falling Objects – Items that fall from a height can cause serious head and back injuries on workers.

Get in touch with our personal injury attorneys to find out if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation.

How can Keith Zaid Law help me file a workers' compensation claim?

We have helped numerous workers get monetary compensation for their injuries, and we can do the same for you. You can come and meet us so we can review your case and determine its worth. Once we are sure you have a strong case, we will file the paperwork, deal with your employer and fight to get you maximum coverage.

Remember that an Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get your share of compensation. After years of handling successful workers’ compensation cases, the legal team at Keith Zaid Law is well versed to help you win your case. If you are looking to file a claim for workplace injuries, our attorneys can help you fight for maximum coverage. Just reach us at 609-415-0604 to discuss your case and we will take it from there.

The Keith Zaid Law Advantage

We Have the Experience. We have over 37 years of experience in personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation in Atlantic City. Our attorneys have worked with employees from different industries, in different levels of the organizational hierarchy.

We Have a Stellar Track Record. To date, we have recovered over $50 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

We’re a Supportive Team. We want you to focus on your recovery, so we will prioritize your case and ensure you get the attention you deserve.

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Types of Benefits You Can Receive

Depending on the case, there are several types of benefits a worker can receive. The more impact the worker’s injuries have on their life, the higher the compensation would be. So, the extent of the coverage can vary from case to case. Only by hiring an experienced Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer for the job can you get the compensation you are eligible for. Workers’ compensation covers:

Medical Benefits: The workers’ compensation pays off any medical bills that you incur to treat job-related illnesses and injuries. Since the employer usually has a trusted medical provider on their panel, you may have to get treatment from them only. When you do, the employer will have to pay for your medical treatments, any hospital services you used and the cost of your prescriptions, too.

Temporary total benefits: If you sustain an injury or contract an illness that leaves you unable to work for more than a week, then an experienced Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get temporary total benefits. You will get 70% of your rate of pay, so you can have the same quality of life while recovering. However, once you return to work, you will stop receiving these benefits. Other conditions will discontinue after the payment:

  1. If you receive the maximum medical help you can get and there are no chances of improvement in your health.
  2. If you reach the maximum limit decided for this benefit, that is 400 weeks.

Permanent partial benefits: Workers who end up with permanent injuries on their job can take advantage of permanent partial benefits. Sometimes, the normal wear and tear of a worker’s job can cause injuries over a long period. Although it is a part of their job, any disability it causes makes them eligible to file a claim. The benefits they receive will depend on the level of functional loss their injury causes. Once the time limit for the temporary total benefits run out, the worker will start getting these benefits weekly.

Permanent total benefits: If a worker becomes permanently disabled because of their injuries or illness, the state of New Jersey provides them with permanent total benefits. The law states that the worker will get 70% of their rate of pay up. The worker can avail these benefits for 450 weeks, but if their disability continues, an experienced Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer can help you apply for an extension. This way, you can recover in peace, knowing that your finances are well taken care of.

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