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Like other cities, Cherry Hill, NJ, has several military bases. Military bases are places where military personnel is trained how to handle weapons and equipment. These bases are crucial because the personnel help to keep people safe. Below are some of the best military bases in Cherry Hill, NJ. Cherry Hill, NJ can be seen here.

Joint Base McGuire – Dix – Lakehurst

This military base is the only one that offers tri-services in the United States Department of Defense. It includes an amalgamation of three military bases in the United States, including the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, Fox Dix, and McGuire Air Force Base, which started operating in October 2009. It’s located in a 42,000-acre land is 18 miles southeast of Trenton, NJ, and has eight municipalities. Apart from being a military base, it contributes economically to New Jersey state. Click here to read about Amusement Parks in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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Naval Weapons Station Earle

It’s located in Monmouth County and used to store ammunition, and lies on an 11,000-acre land. One of its unique features is the Sandy Hook Bay pier, which is 2.9 miles away from the human population. Thus, weapons are safely stored and sheltered without affecting the residents. It has several facilities, including a waterfront, a pier complex, and the primary side with various facilities, including renovation and demilitarization.

The above military bases are a significant part of Cherry Hill, NJ.